Let's talk about scent baby...

At JusOil, we're more than just a scent company; we're a personal journey interwoven with memories, passion, and purpose. Founded by Cindy Kema, the genesis traces back to a personal quest: seeking a solution for a stubborn patch of eczema on her first-born son. Lotions fell short, but our curated blend of natural oils triumphed where others didn't. From there, her love for scents, naturally integrated into our products.

Our offering goes beyond the conventional - from unique custom-made scents to those inspired by popular fragrances, ensuring every aroma evokes an emotion, a memory. Partnering with top-tier manufacturers, we boast the ability to recreate any scent imaginable. Many of our creations are dupes of renowned fragrances, providing a touch of luxury without the hefty price tag.

But it's not just about us. At JusOil, we believe in co-creation. Our customers are at the heart of our brand, and we thrive on crafting bespoke products tailored to individual desires. A scent is more than a fragrance; it's a memory, an emotion, an identity.

And at JusOil, we're here to help you find yours.

Founder @cindykema

Cindy is the embodiment of a fusion between logic and creativity. For Cindy, it's never been just about the allure of fragrance; it's about the holistic experience. Her products don't merely enchant with their aroma; they promise to nourish and radiate the skin.